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What's a pink Party Pack?

St. Patrick's Day PARTY PACKS and Individual Tiers of Joy

The pink Bandana’s got something special for you. After all, everybody’s Irish on St. Patty’s and we’re ALWAYS blessed by our Irish heritage (shout out to the Kane clan) so you know we’re ready. The question is ARE YOU?

The pink Parade Pack consists of three of our signature Tiers of Joy in special edition St. Patrick’s Day flavors: The Insane Kane (Bailey’s Cheesecake), The Shenanigan (Guinness Brownie with an Irish Whiskey Ganache) and the SnakeBite (Kahlua cake with chocolate mousse and sour snakes) along with the Tiers of Joy we include a special Paddy Pack for the kids. 

Better yet you can mix and match your four options. Not taking the kiddos to the parade? No problem just substitute a Tier of Joy for the Paddy Pack! You make the call.

Cupcakes are so yesterday and messy, so make the move up to the family-friendly, travel convenient and customizable pink St. Patrick’s Day Party Pack!

Available now in our case and while supplies last.