John C. Reilly Day at the pink Bandana Bakery

Why Not?

A couple of weeks ago the chef said, "you know who I really like? That John C. Reilly. He's in pretty much everyone of my favorite movies."

"He was great in Chicago," the dish washer said.

"He was in Chicago?"

And that's exactly the point.

Chances are you've seen him in more than a few movies or TV shows (78 credits at current count - and that doesn't even include directing or producing). Not to mention his chops as a touring musician.

From his performance as Pete Connelly in Hoffa to Cal Naughton, Jr. in Talladega Nights to his leading role as Dewey Cox in Walk Hard - John C. Reilly can do it all. He's much more than Will Ferrell's occasional sidekick (although the entire pink Bandana staff is anxiously awaiting the duo in this December's Holmes and Watson).

He can make us laugh as one of the pirating Step Brothers.

He can make us cry as the lonely Wreck-It Ralph.

He can sing and dance the old soft shoe as the cuckolding Chicago husband.

He can even remind us that we're all just playing For the Love of the Game.

So we decided why not? Let's honor one of entertainment's unsung heroes.

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Saturday, September 15, 2018 10AM - 4PM

Join on us on Saturday. September 15th as we celebrate America's greatest under-appreciated talent: John C. Reilly!

We'll be showing his movies all day with John C. Reilly inspired treats and trivia.

Spur of the moment prizes and discounts will be handed out to the most creative visitors and John C. Reilly aficionados.

We can't wait to Shaaaake and Baaake!

John C. Reilly @ Wikipedia